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jag chattade med någon osocial stackare på omegle och borjade filosofera

isn't it really weird that i'm actually typing with someone that i don't know and have never met and we will probably never meet but here we are, chatting. you and me amongst 41,222 other people
ok 41,032
but still man
it's amazing
and it's such a waste
we're all going to die
the sun will expand and everything that has ever been and happened on this planet will no longer exist
no one will remember
there's no point in anything
but still, we live on
we're just waiting
waiting for the end
i think this is why religion exist
religion gives you a simple answer
it gives you hope
that you'll be rewarded
that noting is a waste
that you can live
after death
but i'm not religious
i want to be but i just can't
i find it impossible to believe in god
i feel like it is just the path for those who weaken
who fall into confusion
like me
but i can't
so what am i supposed to do
if i am right
and there is no afterlife
and no reason
then what